Beltone Boost Customer Story

  • A Life with Profound Hearing Loss

    "It gives me more than double of what my past hearing aids have done

The story of Mette Brønd Fredsted - a Beltone Boost user

Born with a profound hearing loss, Mette has been wearing hearing aids since she was 2 years old. Highly motivated, social and outgoing, Mette realized early in her life that she wanted to live a full life with no compromises. She tells an inspiring story about getting a university education, finding an interesting job, starting a family and living an active life.  

She had been using hearing aids from the same hearing aid company for more than 25 years. Switching to Beltone Boost has relieved her of many issues she experienced with hearing aids in the past. Mette is now able to understand speech in a noisy environment much better and experiences no feedback in her hearing aids. She can discretely change program settings through an intuitive app directly from her iPhone®, use Live Listen® for better sound quality during a meeting, and enjoy the long battery life of Beltone Boost.

Beltone Boost helps Mette to have an active life and live the life that she wants.