• Hörsel lika självklar som naturlig – ett uppfyllt löfte
    Den bästa taluppfattningen i stökiga miljöer
  • Hörsel lika självklar som naturlig
    ReSound Verso är vår mest innovativa hörsellösning, med banbrytande teknik som låter brukaren fokusera på det de vill höra. 

    Det gör hörandet instinktivt igen - lika självklar som naturlig.
  • Ljud i perfekt balans
    Våra mest avancerade och nyaste hörapparater, ReSound Verso, innehåller Binaural Fusion teknologi - det enda sanna stödet för binaural ljudbehandling

Tillåter brukaren att ge sig hän till livet

Med Binaural Fusion™, vår mest avancerade teknologi, ger ReSound Verso brukaren möjlighet att reagera, agera och engagera sig mer naturligt.

Ljud i perfekt balans

Med unika 2,4 GHz trådlösa hörapparat-till-hörapparat kommunikation, tillåter Binaural Fusion hörapparaterna att samarbeta som ett system, vilket ger en naturlig ljudupplevelse som liknar örats egna binaurala förmåga att ta upp ljud.

Styrkan att  navigera 360° 

Med perfekt balanserat ljud och optimal hörbarhet upplever brukaren ljuder mer naturliga. De kan rent instinktivt reagera och agera på ljud som är intressanta och fortfarande vara fullt medvetna om sin omgivning. 

Mer fokus och finess 

Med branschens bästa system för återkoppling, tillåts brukaren att  njuta av extra komfort, bättre hörbarhet och alla de subtila nyanser av ett fylligt ljud - även i de mest krävande miljöer såsom vid telefonsamtal och lyssning på musik. 

A complete hearing system 

ReSound Verso’s highly evolved technology unfolds in a full line-up of beautifully designed, discreet, durable hearing aids. And with ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories, you can extend the hearing range of the hearing aids – to meet all your customers’ needs.

A full scope of unrivaled features

ReSound Verso™ comes with breakthrough technologies to give users a truly harmonious listening experience.

Binaural Fusion™ technology

Allows the hearing aids to use a strong 2.4 GHz wireless connection to exchange data and work as one system to provide the most accurate sound picture possible. Binaural Fusion is based on two key features, Binaural Directionality™ and Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II.

Binaural Directionality

Uses the wireless device-to-device communication to dynamically select the best directional response for any listening environment. This provides the user with the best speech understanding in noise plus a more natural sense of surroundings – even in the most difficult listening situations.

Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II

Takes advantage of the hearing aids working together to analyze and accurately classify the listening environment. The hearing aids automatically adjust gain and noise reduction settings for optimal audibility and listening comfort in any sound environment.

Surround Sound by ReSound™

Is our digital sound processing strategy that models, cleans, balances and stabilizes sound to give the user a true-to-life listening experience.

DFS Ultra™ II with Music Mode™

Precisely suppresses feedback and provides more thorough sound input analysis, giving users a clearer, richer, distortion-free listening experience, even in demanding situations such as listening to music.

Comfort Phone™

Uses wireless communication to adjust settings in both hearing aids asymmetrically when a phone is in use, so users can focus fully on their phone conversations and still be aware of what’s going on around them.

Synchronized SoftSwitching™

Coordinates switching between directional and omnidirectional modes simultaneously between the two hearing aids, for a seamless hearing experience.

Synchronized Push Button and Synchronized Volume Control

Ensure that any manual adjustments are registered in both hearing aids, for convenient and precise user control.

2.4 GHz wireless technology

Provides device-to-device communication and direct sound streaming, ensuring a fully wireless listening experience.

iSolate™ nanotech

Is a unique water repellant coating that provides unmatched moisture protection and great durability.

Directional Mix Processing™

Separates and then balances low and high frequencies, improving speech understanding in noisy environments while maintaining a full, rich sound quality experience.

Noise Tracker™ II

Targets and removes background noise, making listening in noisy environments more comfortable for the user.

Directional Options

Including Binaural Directionality™ and Natural Directionality II, improve users’ speech understanding in noisy situations while maintaining their sense of what’s going on around them.


Uses the input from both microphones to accurately identify and reduce wind noise, making outdoor use of hearing aids far more comfortable for the user.

WARP Processing™

Models the signal to ensure clear and distinct sound.


Reduces low-level environmental and microphone noise, ensuring a crisp, clear, noise-free listening experience.

Environmental Classifier

Analyzes sounds and categorizes them with respect to seven types of listening environments, ensuring clear, comfortable sound in any environment. 
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For lifestyles without compromise

To match your customers’ precise needs and preferences, ReSound Versocomes in our two highest technology levels, with all the features you expect for the best performance. Unfold our full feature overview below.

ReSound Verso™ 9 is our ultimate series of products, ideal for users who want an instinctive hearing experience and often move in challenging listening environments. It includes all Binaural Fusion™ technologies, as well as other proven features that create the unique Surround Sound by ReSound™ hearing experience.  

ReSound Verso™ 7 is our advanced product series, ideal for users who seek a true-to-life hearing experience in mostly moderate listening environments. It offers fundamental device-to-device communication benefits and popular ReSound technologies such as Natural Directionality II – for real end-user benefits never before offered in this product level.  

Many needs – one complete solution

There is no average user or typical listening day. So to help you meet your customers’ individual needs and style preferences, ReSound Verso™ comes in a full line-up of models.

All models are coated with iSolate™ nanotech for full moisture protection, and are compatible with ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories to create a truly flexible hearing system.

A world of connectivity – with no strings attached

With ReSound Verso™, your clients can connect directly to ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories.

As part of the market’s most advanced hearing system,  ReSound Unite is a series of wireless accessories that extend the range of your client’s hearing aids, helping them hear even better when they’re on the phone, watching TV, listening to music or out with friends.

Our accessories transmit directly to the hearing aids – without the need for bulky intermediate devices. Using the powerful 2.4GHz wireless technology, the signal is fast and reliable. The accessories are easy to install, so all your client needs to do is plug in and enjoy direct communication and a rich sound experience.

ReSound Unite Mini Microphone 

With ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone, users can hear speech clearly from up to 7 meters away. They can use it at home, in the car, at work or at social events.

ReSound Unite TV

With ReSound Unite™ TV, users can enjoy TV at the perfect volume without disturbing others. And they can even converse at the same time.

ReSound Unite Phone Clip

With ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip, users can talk on the phone at the push of a button.

ReSound Unite Remote Control

With ReSound Unite™ Remote Control, users can control all their devices with an easy-to-use remote control. 

ReSound Verso™ at your service

ReSound offers a whole range of different training options that will keep you up-to-date on new product development. Check out our online and offline training options below.

Training when it suits you

ReSound offers a whole range of different training options that will keep you up-to-date on new product development. Check out our online and offline training options below.

The ReSound eCademy 

With ReSound eCademy, training is only a mouse click away. Our e-learning modules are always available and very easy to use, so you can enjoy training at your convenience.

Go to ReSound eCademy

Live training events

We run training events in our different regions on a regular basis. Contact your local representative to get an update on the next live training event in your area.

Wireless fitting for ReSound Verso™

Say goodbye to cables and streaming devices. ReSound Verso connects to Aventa® 3.4 – the first fitting system to use wireless fitting. Designed by audiologists and hearing care professionals, this fitting software provides all the tools and functions you need for every type of fitting.

All you need to do is plug the Airlink™ USB into your PC, and your computer will connect directly to the client’s hearing aids. A really convenient and reliable fitting solution – for you and your client.

Check out the research behind ReSound Verso™

Binaural Fusion by ReSound: Technology Optimized as Nature Intended

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Greater Fitting Flexibility with Three Input Levels in Aventa

Download now

Innovative Technology Meets Invisible Design: The ReSound Verso IIC

Download now

Making the Most of Music with ReSound DFS Ultra IIand Music Mode

Download now

Phone Solutions to Fit Every Need

Download now
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Selling ReSound Verso™

We offer a range of different marketing materials to help you market and sell ReSound Verso. Check our global examples of consumer marketing below, and contact your local ReSound representative for material available in your market.

Examples of Verso consumer marketing materials 

End user brochure

Posters and banners

In-office decorations

Campaign images

Product images


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